Sunday, October 23, 2016

About us

Wansook Multimedia Company Limited started by a small group of IT expertise caliber teams established in 2015 to provide One Stop Total IT and Digital Multimedia Solution. IT Solutions we can provide total IT Software & Hardware Solution Consultant with Implementation, Hosting & Networking Setup, whereas Digital Multimedia Solution will include of all static and motion of Graphic, Cartoon- Character, Interactive Design together with CD Interactive, Mascot Design, Web Design, Printing Media Design, Presentation together with Media Planning and Marketing Consultant.

As the new comer into the market we're aiming to become one of the leading information technology service companies for all Business Enterprise. With our strength points of high caliber team's past experienced successful in the market segmentation; IT/SI – Banking Business and Digital Multimedia Business - Enterprise/Commercial & SMEs, customer can be assured to get a highly competent yet robust computerized and modernized solution.

Strengthen Strong High Caliber Team
  • Digital Multimedia/E-commerce innovation/ Design /support lead by Mr. Komkrit Klinkajorn over 10+ years in such success business.
  • IT/SI with Success International proven solution from Paris, Sydney, USA, Singapore etc. lead by Mrs Phanida Bunnag over 20+ years in leading Banking Business & Central Bank in Thailand.
  • Marketing /Marketing Communication/Digital Marketing /Business Development Team lead by Mrs. Nuandee L. Hou & Mrs Noppawan Bunnag Klinkajorn both has success proven record over 20+ & 15+ respectively.